Vol. 30 No. 1


Jill Hasday, Dale Carpenter, Heidi Kitrosser, Brian Bix (book reviews)

Student Managing Editors

Abbi Braegelmann, Kent Dolphay, Mary Erler, Rebecca Furdek,
Karianne Jones, Jasper L. Tran, Adam Twardowski, Chris Wysokinski

Production Manager

Thomas Boyle

Three Arguments about War
[cite +]30 Const. Comment. 1

The Civic Dimensions of American Constitutionalism
[cite +]30 Const. Comment. 61

The Structure of the American Civic Sphere
[cite +]30 Const. Comment. 71

Popular Constitutionalism Contra Populism
[cite +]30 Const. Comment. 81

Intentionalism Justice Scalia Could Love
[cite +]30 Const. Comment. 89

Rights and the Rule of Law in Third Way Constitutionalism
[cite +]30 Const. Comment. 101

Separation Anxiety: The End of American Religious Freedom?
[cite +]30 Const. Comment. 127

Originalism All the Way Down?
[cite +]30 Const. Comment. 149

Dog Whistling, the Color-Blind Jurisprudential Regime, a...
[cite +]30 Const. Comment. 167